Thai Jasmine rice or Hommali rice

Thai Hommali rice (Jasmine rice 105) is the most popular rice. Thai Hommali rice cultivated in the northeastern region is the most famous premium rice which has a unique sweet, scented aroma, softness, tender texture and long-slender white rice.

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Thai Jasmine brown rice or Hommali brown rice

Thai Hommali brown rice (Jasmine rice 105) cultivated in the northeastern region. It contains high level oryzanol, poly phenol, tocotrienol and anthocyanin. The cooked Hommali brown rice smells liked pandanus leaf and tastes velvety, spongy and slightly sweet.

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Thai Riceberry rice

Riceberry rice is a cross-pollination between black jasmine rice and jasmine rice. Riceberry rice is rich in many nutrient. Riceberry rice is a wholesome, soft-textured, tasty and aromatic grain.

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Thai Red cargo rice

Thai red cargo rice is similar to Jasmine brown rice that it is unpolished. It’s color is red due to the presence of beta-carotene. When cooked, Red cargo rice is firm and chewy, with the sweet, nutty taste.

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Thai Black jasmine rice or Hom-nin rice

Thai black jasmine rice is especially rich in anthocyanin pigment (Black color), phytochemicals, protein and vitamins. It has a highly pleasurable nutty taste after cooking.

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Thai Tricolor rice

Thai tricolor rice is the mixture of 3 most popular rice in Thailand (Riceberry rice, Hommali brown rice, Red cargo rice). When cooked, this rice is chewy mixed softness and some crunchy, slightly sweet, nutty taste.

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