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Natural cereal products, Nutriris brand
NUTRIRIS Organic Pinto Beans 350 G.
Organic Pinto Beans, Nutriris Brand, 350 grams
Imported from Peru
Ingredients: 100% organic pinto beans.
- Don't use chemical fertilizers.
- Do not use insecticides.
- Do not use pesticides.
- Free from chemical residues
- Safe for health
- Environmentally friendly

How to eat:
1) Take pinto beans and wash them twice with clean water.
2) Add water to cover. Soak the beans for 4-8 hours or 1 night.
3) Wash it through water again.
Then put it in a boiling pot. Along with adding water to cover 1 wrist.
Close the lid of the pot and boil over low heat. Leave it until the water boils, 10 minutes.
4) Do this about 3-4 times.
until the pinto beans are cooked and as soft as you like.
Can be used to prepare a variety of dishes as desired.

How to store:
Close the ziplock bag every time after consumption.
Store away from sunlight in normal temperature and avoid moisture.
Packing size: 350 grams
FDA 10-1-05457-5-0135

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