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Natural products, Nutriris brand
Dried Bamboo Mushroom 30 G.
Bamboo pulp, natural color, 30 grams
Natural color
Do not use bleach.
No preservatives added.

Ingredients: 100% dry bamboo pulp

How to eat:
Rinse with clean water.
Then soak in water and leave until soft.
Then it is cooked.
By means of heat
According to the menu you want.

How to store:
Close the bag every time after consumption.
Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperatures.
and avoid humidity
Packing size: 30 grams
FDA 10-1-05457-1-0107
Product Highlights
5 easy ways to choose and buy bamboo pulp
1. Clean, not damp, no mold.
There is no rancid smell and the pieces are complete.
2. Do not use bleach.
Unbleached bamboo pulp
It will be light yellow. which is a natural color
3. Packed in a sealed container.
4. There is a clearly identified FDA number.
5. Products produced from factories that meet standards.

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