Organic Millets (1 kg.)

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Organic Millets 1 KG.

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Natural cereal products, Nutriris brand

' Raw food, big pack, satisfying.

Rawfood Organic Millets 1 KG.

Raw Food Millet, 100% Organic, 1 kg.


Ingredients: 100% organic millet

-Do not use chemical fertilizers.

-Do not use insecticides.

-Do not use pesticides.

-Free from chemical residues

-Safe for health

-Environmentally friendly

How to eat:

Can be used to cook both savory and sweet dishes.

1) Cook and mix with rice.

or quinoa and other grains

To increase the completeness of nutrients

2) Can be used to make many types of desserts.

For example, wet sorghum with fresh coconut milk, etc.

How to preserve : Seal the bag every time after consumption.

Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperature and avoid humidity.

Packaging size: 1 kilogram

FDA 10-1-05457-5-0198

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