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Rawfood Black Goji Berry 100 G.

Raw Food Black Goji Berry 100 grams


Antioxidants 50 times higher than normal goji berries.

and can be absorbed better

Contains 20 times more vitamin C.

Contains 50 times more vitamin E.

Contains 18 times more nutrients than blueberries.

Contains glucoside, a natural antioxidant.

Contains anthocyanin. Helps fight free radicals

Contains lutein, which helps with vision and nourishes eyesight.

Ingredients: Black Goji Berry 100%

How to eat:

Make tea using 1 tablespoon of black goji berries.

Continue with 1 glass of hot water (200 ml.) and leave for about 5 minutes.

When the tea is blue-purple So it's eaten.

Or add ice to drink as a cold drink.

How to preserve: Close the lid tightly every time after consumption.

Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperatures.

and avoid humidity


Packing size: 100 grams

FDA 10-1-05457-5-0115

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