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CENTURIA® Calcium Total 60 Tablets;
Dietary Supplement Product
Dietary supplement: Centuria Calcium Total, 60 tablets.
Imported from United States
Focus on the benefits of calcium absorption into the body.
with the most efficiency without causing constipation
In 1 tablet (1840 mg) contains:
- Calcium Carbonate 1351.3 mg. (Calcium 513 mg.)
- Magnesium oxide 227.2 mg.
- Vitamin A acetate (500IU/mg) 2.2 mg.
- Vitamin C 54.2 mg.
- Vitamin D3 2.0 mg.
Eating size comparison From products that meet international standards
United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Eating size
It depends on the amount of calcium needs at each age.
- Age 26 - 50 years, take 2 tablets after meals, 1 time per day.
- Age 51 years and up, take 3 tablets a day after meals, 1 time a day.
- People who have broken bones Take 3 tablets a day after meals, 1 time a day.
You should eat a variety of foods from all 5 food groups.
in the appropriate proportion regularly
Packing size: 60 tablets
FDA 10-1-05457-1-0015

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