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CENTURIA® Pro Bio Plus (Dietary Supplement Product)

Centuria Pro Bio Plus (dietary supplement)


In 1 capsule (596 mg) contains:

- Bacillus coagulan 250 mg.

Bacillus coagulans

- Lactococcus lactic 150 mg.

Lactococus Lactis

- Inulin 150 mg. Inulin (100%)


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that has been certified to international standards

Recommended serving size

1. People who have acid reflux problems

: 1 capsule each time after breakfast/lunch, 2 times a day.

2. People who have problems with constipation, bloating, gas in the stomach.

: 1 capsule after meal, 1 time per day.

3. People who need an immune system

: 1 capsule at a time after breakfast, 1 time per day.


You should eat a variety of foods from all 5 food groups.

in the appropriate proportion regularly


Packing size: 60 capsules

FDA 10-1-05457-5-0235

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