AOMI Balancing Scalp Tonic 150 ml
Aomi Balancing Scalp Tonic 150 ml.
Helps increase confidence By reducing unwanted odors
It also helps restore and nourish your scalp even more.
Guaranteed 100% authentic
component :
Rich in valuable extracts including rosemary leaf extract and green tea leaf extract.
Centella asiatica leaf, licorice root, mulberry bark and allantoin helps reduce
Irritation on the scalp, reduces oiliness and inhibits the growth of bacteria.
It also helps nourish the hair roots to be stronger.
Hydrolyzed silk and keratin help restore, nourish, and repair.
Deeply damaged parts Makes the hair come back healthy.

How to use :
1. Shake the product slightly.
2. Spray all over the scalp.
3. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp to help with water mist.
Absorbs into the scalp better.
Produced by :
Mirfeel Korea Co.,Ltd., South Korea
Imported by :
Bio Panack Development Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Packaging size: 150 ml
Notification number: 10-2-6600007620

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