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Natural cereal products, Nutriris brand

NUTRIRIS Organic Chia Seed 350 g.

Nutriris Chia Seeds Organic 350 g.


Imported from Peru

Ingredients: 100% organic chia seeds

- Do not use chemical fertilizers.

- Do not use pesticides.

- Do not use pesticides.

- Free from chemical residues    

- Safe for health     

- Environmentally friendly

Suggestions for how to eat:

Chia seeds have no taste. Makes it easy to eat

Can be eaten both dry and liquid.

Precautions for eating dry food

Those who eat dry food Should be the person who eats and drinks water

More than 10-12 glasses per day to prevent constipation.

or recommended to be taken with food

that has a lot of water as a component

Such as yogurt, bean curd, soybean milk, etc.

Eating liquid

Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to 1 glass of water, stir well.

After a moment.. you will start to see clear gelatinous mucus swelling out (similar to basil seeds).

It takes about 15 minutes for the chia seeds to fully swell.

Can be eaten right away or eaten.

Combine with other foods such as adding it to salads, adding jam to spread on bread,

Eat with avocado.

The advantages of chia seeds are:

1) Can be added to various drinks. All types, both hot and cold

Whether it's milk, soybean juice, corn juice, pumpkin juice, hot cacao,

Hot chocolate, juice, shakes, smoothies, tea, coffee, etc.

2) No taste, making it easy to eat

How to store:

Close the ziplock bag every time after consumption.

Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperatures.

and avoid humidity


Packing size: 350 grams

FDA 10-1-05457-1-0035

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