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Natural cereal products, Nutriris brand

NUTRIRIS Monkfruit Sweetener 400 G.

Nutriris Luo Hang Guo Sugar 400 g.


Ingredients: Luo Hang Guo Sugar 100%

* Contains Erythritol ingredient.

## Luo Hang Guo sugar suitable for ##

- For keto eaters, it is made from 100% Luo Hang Guo fruit.

- Weight watchers: 0% calories

- Diabetic patients

- Gives a sweet taste but not absorbed into the body

Does not stimulate insulin. Low GI. Sugar index 0%.

- People who want to take care of their health

No Gluten, 0% Sodium

How to eat:

Luo Han Guo Sugar Gives a mellow sweet taste

Some sweetness, not so sharp that it hurts your throat.

Used in sweet seasoning.

For your food and drinks

You can get both savory and sweet food.

Dissolves quickly at all temperatures

How to preserve: Close the ziplock bag every time after consumption.

Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperatures.

and avoid humidity


Packing size: 400 grams

FDA 71-2-01564-6-0001

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