Organic Goji Berry (1 kg.)

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Organic Goji Berry 1 Kg.

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Natural cereal products, Raw Food brand

Rawfood Ready To Eat Organic Goji Berry

Nutriris Organic Goji Berry ready to eat


<< 1 kilogram, big pack, more satisfying >>

Goji berries are ready to eat, delicious and fun to eat.

Easy to eat, very delicious. Sweet and sour taste

No added sugar, naturally sweet.

Nourish eyesight

️ Reduce eye fatigue from heavy eye use.

High in antioxidants.

Large pellet variety, grade A quality, large pellets!!!

Each pellet size is 1.5 - 2.0 cm.

Has FDA certification / packed in a ziplock bag.

Organic products

With international standards from the USDA, EU

component :

Goji berries ready to eat Organic 100%

Don't use chemical fertilizers.

Do not use pesticides.

Do not use pesticides.

Free from chemical residues

Safe for health

Environmentally friendly

How to eat:

1) You can eat it right away.

Because it's made from goji berries.

Breeds that produce large offspring

️Naturally sweet

️Do not use bleach.

️No preservatives added.

️Free from chemical residues

2) Brew it as hot tea.

Use 5-10 goji berries with 1 glass of hot water.

Make a hot drink Helps soothe the throat.

3) Add more ice. To help relieve thirst

and make it even more refreshing

How to preserve: Close the bag every time after consumption.

Should be stored away from sunlight at normal temperatures.

and avoid humidity


Packaging size: 1 kilogram

FDA 10-1-05457-5-0154

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