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Natural cereal products, Raw Food brand
Rawfood Monkfruit Sweetener 30 Sachets
Raw Food Luo Hang Guo Sugar, 2 grams packet, contains 30 packets.
** 2 times sweeter than general Han Guo sugar **
Han Guo Sugar, suitable for
For keto eaters, it is made from 100% Luo Hang Guo fruit.
Weight watchers: 0% calories
Sugar level controllers do not stimulate insulin.
Low GI has a 0% glycemic index.
Health lovers
No Gluten, No Sodium
Can dissolve in water well, both hot and cold.
Ingredients: Luo Hang Guo Sugar 100%
How to eat:
Luo Hang Guo sugar has a sweet, mellow flavor.
Not so sweet and sharp that it hurts your throat. No bitter taste
Use for sweet seasoning You can get both savory and sweet food.
Easily dissolves in both hot and cold water.
or tear 1 packet
Pour it into your favorite drink.
How to store:
Store away from sunlight in normal temperature and avoid moisture.
Packaging size: 30 packets (2 grams per packet)
FDA 71-2-01564-6-0002

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