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Ready Mixed Cacao Drink, CACAO LISTO BRAND

Ready Mix Cacao Drink (ready-made cacao drink)

Cacao Risto brand


component :

1) Milk powder 27.0%

2) Sugar 27.0%

3) Cacao Powder 25.7%

4) Creamer 16.2%

5) Vanilla powder 1.3%

6) Lecithin 0.81%

(Food additives (INS551))

* No preservatives used

* 20-22% Cacao Butter Content

How to eat:

Reading Mix Cacao Drink 1 sachet

Brew with 150 ml of hot water or hot milk.

Stir well and experience the unique aroma.

Delicious, intense flavor, 100% authentic cacao.

Information for people with food allergies : Contains milk and soy products.

How to store:

Should be stored in a dry place free from moisture.


Packing size: 1 sachet (37 grams) x 10 sachets

FDA 10-1-05457-5-0226

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