ORGANIC Jasmine Rice

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Rawfood ORGANIC Jasmine Rice 1 Kg.

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Organic rice products, Raw Food brand

Rawfood ORGANIC Jasmine Rice 1 Kg.

Jasmine rice, 100% organic, Raw Food brand, 1 kilogram.


Ingredients: 100% organic jasmine rice

- Do not use chemical fertilizers.

- Do not use insecticides.

- Do not use pesticides.

- 100% chemical free

- Safe for health

- Environmentally friendly

-- How to cook rice to make it delicious --

Rinse the rice with clean water 1-2 times. Add water in the following ratio.

1) steamed rice; 1 part rice: 1.5 parts water

2) rice porridge; 1 part rice: 8 parts water

Use the rice cooking program As specified on the rice pot

Just like this, you will have organic jasmine rice that is fragrant, soft, and delicious.

How to store:

Close the bag every time after consumption.

Should be stored in a dry place and avoid sunlight.


Packed in a vacuum bag: 1 kilogram

FDA 10-1-05457-1-0043

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