ORGANIC Rice Berry Rice

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Rawfood ORGANIC Rice Berry Rice 1 Kg.

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Organic rice products, Raw Food brand
Rawfood ORGANIC Rice Berry Rice 1 Kg.
Riceberry rice, 100% organic, Raw Food brand, 1 kilogram.
Ingredients: 100% organic riceberry
- Don't use chemical fertilizers.
- Do not use insecticides.
- Do not use pesticides.
- Free from chemical residues
- Safe for health
- Environmentally friendly

-- How to cook rice to make it delicious --
* To make the rice grains softer
It is recommended to soak in water for 30 minutes before cooking.

Cooking method:
1) Leave the rice that has been soaked in water for 30 minutes.
Come wash with clean water 1 time.
2) Cooking ratio
1 part riceberry: 2 parts water
Use the method to cook rice. According to a normal rice cooker
Once cooked, wait another 15 minutes.
You will get organic riceberry that is fragrant, soft, and delicious to eat.

How to store:
Close the bag every time after consumption.
Should be stored in a dry place and avoid sunlight.
Packed in a vacuum bag: 1 kilogram
FDA 10-1-05457-1-0054

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