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Raw food products 100% organic rice (USDA, EU)
Rawfood Organic Multi Rice and Grains
Raw Food Multi-Rice Grain Rice
Rice mixed with organic grains, total of 7 types
- Don't use chemical fertilizers.
- Do not use insecticides.
- Do not use pesticides.
- Free from chemical residues
- Safe for health
- Environmentally friendly

component :
1) Jasmine brown rice, organic 55%
2) Red jasmine rice, organic 10%
3) Black jasmine rice, organic 6%
4) Chickpeas, organic 10%
5) Organic red quinoa seeds 8%
6) Sunflower seeds, organic 6%
7) Pumpkin seeds, organic 5%

Packed in a vacuum bag: 1 kilogram

-- How to cook rice mixed with grains... so that it's delicious --

1.) Mix rice with organic grains. Come wash with clean water 1-2 times.
2.) Add water and rice mixed with organic grains in the following ratio:
1 part multi-grain rice: 2 parts water
3.) Use the rice cooking program. according to the method used to cook rice normally
That's all you will get. Organic rice mixed with cereals
Fragrant, soft, delicious and full of benefits.
from cereals that are cooked together Give you a full meal
And don't have to worry about any chemical residue.

How to store:
Close the bag every time after consumption.
Should be stored in a dry place and avoid sunlight.
FDA 10-1-05457-5-0181

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